Economical Range of Configurations are with entry level Basic Configurations. They are Brand New and Are Capable of Running All Programs, Softwares, Games, CD’s DVD’s Video’s etc. Accounting Softwares Like Tally, Applications like Excel, Word etc. Can Smoothly run in Following Configuration. Same Configurations were treated as Higher end systems Just a year or two back !! Thanks to Ever Falling Prices of the Technology that they are available at these Throw away prices today.
Value for Money Configurations Comprises Components with Inexpensive Price Tags and a Reasonably Good Quality. They are Perfect when you are looking at spending judiciously fulfilling on your exact needs.
Popular Configurations, as the name suggest, Contain the Best Selling Components Sets. As Usual You have the Choice of Changing any Part of the Configuration. Select Products link to find a different hard drive, CPU or any other Component.Fig-0-DIY-desktops-vs-Branded-Computers

Power Configurations Speak for themselves – Capable of making you achieve what you set out to. These Wonderful Machines are the Ultimate Technology Work Horses You might Need.

Gaming Configurations Need No Explanation. Speed, Graphics, Display, Sound, True Power is the Domain and Excellence is the Key. Fully Customizable Sets for the Fast Changing Technology, these Configurations Provide a Gamer Great Ready Made Options Or a Start up Platform to Configure the Ultimate Dream Machine they Fantasize.
Today PC is considered as the one of the most essential components of our daily life. We can’t imagine a single minute without the presence of a PC. From office to our home, everywhere it has a strong presence.
But buying the right PC is not so easy as it sounds. One of the easier processes is buying a Branded PC. There are big names in this field. And they come with lucrative offers to stay ahead in the competitive market. But the buyer always has a dilemma. Which one is the best and cost effective? If one branded PC has one advantage, the other has one more advantage, so the best possible way is to build your own PC with all the advantages that you require. Knowledgeable persons, however, prefer buying an assembled PC, as it is cheaper in price and can be custom built.
Here are few tips for buying an assembled PC:Assemble-your-gaming-pc-600x450
§ Make a list of hardware that you require. This can be done by consulting with someone who has a solid knowledge.
§ Find out a shop that has market goodwill.
§ Ensure that all hardware parts have warranty. Some parts like hard disks nowadays come with five years warranty. So it is recommended to check carefully before installing the hardware in the PC.
§ Today most motherboards have on board graphic cards. But if you are a multimedia professional, you can fit an additional graphic card (AGP card).
§ The cabinet of the PC is an essential part. Because all main parts are to be stored there. Nowadays some very good ATX cabinets with powerful SMPS (Power supply), 3 fans and front USB ports can be found at cheap prices. 3-fan cabinet keeps the cabinet cool. Front USB ports are for handy use of external drives like flash drives.
§ Monitors are available in different models, category and screen sizes. Some monitors are called LCD monitors. These are absolutely thin and lightweight. Merely 2inch in depth and the screen is flat and square. Normal monitors also come with flat screens. It is up to the buyer to decide on the one he/she can afford.
§ If one wants to watch TV then a TV tuner can be added to the PC.
§ Your PC can be a good sound system with some speakers. Speakers with surround effect cost a little higher but really sound good. There are many desktop speakers available in the market with a vast range of prices and features.
§ The CD drives are no more called CD-drives. These are now combo drives. In a combo drive you can play DVD, ACD, MP3, CD’s and can write your own CD’s. Conventional CD drives and CD writers are also available.
§ The newest mouse type is the optical mouse. In this mouse there is no roller ball attached. A laser ray is used to move the pointer.
§ If you need to take printouts on a regular basis then go for a printer. The latest category of printer is called all in one. In this printer you can take printouts, can scan and also photocopy.

Though the price of this machine is little on the higher side but it really is a utility product.

Assembled Desktop
After all these steps your PC is ready to use. An annual maintenance is good for your PC.
Assembled PCs Have Their Own Advantages and Disadvantages
An assembled computer is the one where you buy all the components of a computer separately and assemble them on your own or with the help of a technician. You will have the option of choosing hardware parts and peripherals of various good brands that you like. For example: Intel processor, Asus mother board, Seagate Hard disk, Sony DVD drive, Samsung monitor and Logitech mouse and Keyboard etc.
Advantages of assembled PC:
You can customize your own configuration
You can choose best of the breed components
Each component has its own warranty period (Ex: Intel processor-3 years, Hitachi hard disk-5 years, Samsung monitor-3 years, Logitech keyboard and mouse-1 year etc.)
You can select the components which are easy to upgrade in the future
You can buy a perfect PC for your requirement and generally at a low budget
You need not pay for unwanted or costly components, packed in a branded computer which you may not use
Disadvantages of assembled PC:
Poor service support
You need to be aware of the good branded components as there are many unbranded or second grade components in the market
Compatibility issues between the parts used to assemble the PC may be seen.
Many of the assembled PC retailers are not reliable. On integrity, technical expertise and ethical business practices. Finding a good retailer is not easy.
Assembled PC with components from good brands are especially cost effective with high-end PCs and starting servers. In such areas, the price difference between a big brand PC and an assembled PC with good branded components could be between 40 to 80 percent.
If you have some basic hardware knowledge and prefer to upgrade the hardware frequently, then an assembled PC with good branded components is the right choice.

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